US Weekly에서 운영하는 USmagazine에 12일에 게재된 Article.
20년 후의 스타들의 모습을 짜맞춰놓은건데..
다들 정말 닮은꼴들인듯..
특히 타코타 패닝은.. 정말.. 커서 조디포스터가 될 것 같다..


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Britney Spears →→ Anna Nicole Smith
Two southern gals with a penchant for scandal, they prefer their food hearty, like chicken and dumplings and potatoes.

Nicole Richie →→ Sophia Loren
Not only do they both love big shades, the Virgos almost share a birthday: September 21 for Richie, 20 for Loren.

Dakota Fanning →→ Jodie Foster
Who has precocious child actor Fanning said she would most like to work with? Why, former precocious child actor Foster!

Jessica Simpson →→ Loni Anderson
Big hair: Check. Big chest: Check. Big public breakup with the ex that ended in friendly terms (Simpson with Nick Lachey last year, Anderson with Burt Reynolds in 1993): Check and check!

Paris Hilton →→ Donatella Versace
What do the blondes have in common, besides their orange glow? They've both been parodied on SNL by Maya Rudolph!

Benjamin McKenzie →→ Russell Crowe
From The O.C. to the Aussie! "It's tremendously flattering," McKenzie has said of comparisons to the Oscar winner.

Mandy Moore →→ Diane Lane
Like Moore, Lane also hit it big early (Time put her on a 1979 cover on child stars), then struggled for sophisticated roles.

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